The Unreliable Part of Your Brain

Someone said something the other day that struck me: “The opposite of indifference is action. If you’re feeling inattentive or callous about ______, just…do something.”

A simple suggestion but a powerful one. I think when you’re stuck in the pit and mire of apathy, it’s easy to believe that it will be much too hard to get going. Too much hill to climb, too much emotion to pour in, too much brain power to muster up. You’ll be too tired by the time you’re done, so you might as well not even start.

“What a load of crap!” you should shoot back at that two-faced, loafing, unreliable part of your brain. More than likely, it’s the belief that it will be too hard to make a move that keeps you from making a move.

Another little lie that pops up doing a righteous jig through your brain space is that you have to finish whatever it is unto completion right then and there. You must create the biggest and best ______. You must work for hours on ______. Nope nope, you need only to make a few moves. You need only do part 1 of the 10 parts. Don’t stress yourself out and get all perfectionistic about it having to be the flawless, most beautiful thing. Just start.

Can it really be that easy?? YES. Believe! Go forth! Do the thing! Ten points to Gryffindor if you make three steps in the right direction. You think you can’t, but you can, and the little shuffles toward making something happen count. You’ll get there, don’t worry.

On another note, I haven’t blogged for a while, so instead of waiting until Friday, we’re having dessert first. Here are a few fun links from things impacting my life in tiny ways as of late:

Made this sesame cucumber noodle salad the other day and it was as good and fresh as it looks.

I like that hoops are coming in!

Love using Tribe! It’s a video messaging app that has less bells and whistles than Snapchat but just as much fun. S/O to Makenzie for getting us all obsessed.

Drew and I love hunting through Craigslist for unique finds. This article has a lot of great tips.

I have my eye on this pretty Nordic cookbook. I saw it at a museum gift shop and wanted to skip our tour and keep paging through the beautiful pictures.

Can’t wait for this movie to come out. I didn’t read the book but see it advertised everywhere.

I want to try using this to get great deals on last-minute hotels. Perfect for a quick getaway.

Everything you need to know about traveling with friends.

This silk neck scarf in green multi is so chic.

What a beautiful and simple idea to center a journal around.


Photo via hommebody



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