Midwest is best

Drew and I got to spend some time up north at the farm and North Folk Winery with my Aunt Molly and Uncle Ron a few weeks ago and had the best time watching how wine is made, taste testing whites, reds, and cider, chatting on the porch, and indulging in the most delicious appetizers: our favorite was the rosemary crackers drizzled with blue cheese and honey butter. We also got to capture some photos of the family farm that’s up for sale–first my grandparents’ home while I was growing up, now Molly and Ron’s, and now someone else will get to enjoy its beauty! The best part was seeing where my aunt and uncle are planning to build their new “tiny” house–a beautiful, wide-open area of land, prairie-like but with trees and a lake in the distance–we’re excited to see it all come together.

Other highlights this month: dinners on the summery porches of some of our favorite St. Paul joints (Sweeney’s, Happy Gnome, and the Muddy Pig), the last few bonfires at the White House with our dear small group before Drew moves, and a camping trip with my family to Savanna Portage. Tomorrow, we’ll pack everything up, and Drew will move to St. Paul (finally!), and we’ll begin the long-anticipated, joyful task of combining all our physical belongings into one home. Lucky for me, I get two extra months of time to leisurely move all my things over to the apartment. Plus I now get the added bonus of my fiance as my neighbor.

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2015-05-28 19.25.32

2015-05-28 20.13.56

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