Growing Younger (Part 2)

(Continued from previous post.) I asked all my friends two weeks ago what they thought their souls looked like, in regards to landscape or art. One of the dearest of mine said hers was an ocean of sorts. She is a glorious depth, though; a pressing of blue in a million shades, dappled sea mist, … Continue reading


Growing Younger (Part 1)

                        (This is the first half of a creative piece I wrote for my senior writing capstone.) Placing her hand next to mine, my mother compares our skin. This happens in various settings. Sometimes we are shooting through the wind on the freeway at … Continue reading


In the Flux.

Every time I come home from one of my late shifts, after midnight, there is always a bunny that frantically shoots out from behind the giant bush outside my apartment building and scares me to death. Now, some would say that I am doing the scaring, but at least I don’t fire out from behind … Continue reading



We are them in many ways, named for past lovers, who fought each day with their spirits lit up in a flare of revel to keep it all close. (There is nothing new under the sun). I pay homage each time I see you in the hall and when I sit with my back to … Continue reading


A Soul.

Here is a picture for you. There is a mountain side, crawling with pine trees. You’re looking at it from both an aerial view and from the ground level. Depends on what part you want to see the most. There are several mountains, a range, stretching into the distance. They slope down from the sky toward … Continue reading