Washington state, etc.

Well, I’ve only been here officially for two days, but this is what I’ve noticed so far. People here are different. Observations: 1. Everything (i.e. everyone) is calmer here. No one seems to be in a terrible rush, and everyone is a bit quieter. When we came out of the Baskin Robbins in Olympia last … Continue reading


I am now very aware.

I normally pray very simply. Something like a child being put to bed at 8:00 and then crawling out of bed at 8:03, padding down the hallway, and sliding through the doorway to ask for “a cuppa water first, please?” Not as though I am sneaking anything, but I don’t dance around the point much. … Continue reading



The sea flush shudders with the fractures of bone or animal husks, the lost furs. Only the edges uneasily cover themselves before the sweep of water. There is a dark space at the base of the tree, after the sand, where the hollows were found, and I treasured the blank, glazed leaves left over from … Continue reading


city muse.

When I was younger, Minneapolis always seemed as though it were in a sno globe to me. Except the seasons were switched – it was always summer, never winter in my mind. If you shook the globe, the entire city would convulse and all the houses would be thrown upward into the gold-blue sky and … Continue reading