breathing space.

One thing I love about my friend Elsie is that every time we pray together, before we begin, she pauses for a long while. I always picture her dialing the Lord’s telephone and waiting…waiting… until He answers. During those small seconds, I breathe. And I feel Him filling the room. I know I don’t need … Continue reading

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The locale of forests changes with each window, one eyelid shut signifies a deadness of character. I wonder what it feels like to be curled up in that eggshell, anywhere but here. We always sleep and then suffer splinters from wooden sills. Collecting debris-filled nights to throw out with the garbage has become a full-grown … Continue reading


when geese attack.

Been learning that margin is very important in life. Like if you get done with class at 3:00pm, and you have a meeting at 3:15pm, but there’s a ten minute walk in between…I mean, what if something happens in those five spare minutes? Like what if you get stopped at the corner crossing Snelling for … Continue reading