There was a thunderstorm on tuesday night. The first of the summer. My family always gathers in the living room to watch the lightning out the big picture window and the big trees in the field outside rush back and forth…always an event in this household. But right now its clear out, and I can … Continue reading

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The shingles are flying off the roof in one line like a road you have to walk. Please don’t scratch your hair until that section of your mind underneath disappears. Stop pouring your tea into air vents and the potholes in the street. You have a jar of cold water and a bag full of … Continue reading


finally rest.

As soon as we set up camp on Friday night, it rained. It was so peaceful, lying amidst fifteen blankets and pillows while listening to the rain. It only lasted about an hour, and then we all took off for the riverbank. We may or may not have ran through the mud and rapelled the … Continue reading


corner of lincoln.

Before my grandpa died, he used to always tell my mom, in great detail, about his mall walks. It’s actually quite a spectacle if you go on a Saturday morning. Elderly men and women of all speeds and sizes cruise around the outer perimeter of the mall as a source of exercise and often do … Continue reading